Who is the Best Player of PMWL 2022 in Week 1? How many BTR RA players are ranked?

Who are the Best Players of PMWL 2022 in Week 1? How many BTR RA players are ranked? One week has passed where the best teams in the world play in PUBG Mobile World League 2022 (PMWL 2022) East: Season 0. This PMWL 2022 gives us 5 days of very exciting and fierce battles. Certainly many players are able to bring out their best and there are also those who are less fortunate and do not play optimally.

As we know, the League Play phase is divided into two, League Play Weekday and League Play Super Weekend. Where only the best 16 teams from League Play Weekday can play in League Play Super Weekend.

2 Indonesian representatives for PMWL 2022 are BTR RA and Morph Team. Unfortunately, Morph Team could not enter this Super Weekend Week 1 because it did not get enough points for its qualification.

PMWL 2022 League Play Kill Leader for Week 1 Day 1

For League Weekday Week 1 Day 1 is arguably the day for the South Asian or South Asian team where the OR team shows they are the best team from India and 2 players are in the top 5 players with the most kills. The OR and NoChance teams were the ones who topped the standings on this day 1.

PMWL 2022 League Play Kill Leader for Week 1 Day 2

On day 2, the Southeast Asian team or South East Asian Team (SEA) even showed they could not be underestimated, and 2 BTR RA players entered the top 5 most kills. Zuxxy and Microboy played very well to get BTR RA jumping from 7th on day 1 to 2nd on this 2nd day.

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PMWL 2022 League Play Super Weekend Kill Leader for Week 1 Day 4

For Super Weekend Week 1 Day 3, the Yoodo Gank team dominated all teams at PMWL 2022. They started the first day of the Super Weekend with 3 consecutive WWCDs. Super Weekend Day 2 or League Play Super Weekend Week 1 Day 4, you could say the day for a team from South Asia, where they got 3 out of 5 WWCD. It seems that 2 SynerGE players from India are the 2 best players today.

PMWL 2022 Week 1 Best Player Championship

For the Week 1 recap that has been passed, it seems that players from Southeast Asia will dominate the first 5 days. 2 players OR GiLL and ScoutOp must remain on the lookout because they are very dangerous if given the opportunity. BTR Luxxy is the player who deals the most damage and the only one that exceeds 11,000 damage. Not far behind is the star player RRQ Athena, G9 who has the most kills with 55 and almost exceeded 11,000 damage.

BTR Ryzen and BTR Zuxxy are also in the Top 10 best players with the most kills. Ryzen will slightly surpass 10,000 damage and IGL BTR RA Zuxxy shows off his leadership qualities. It looks like RRQ Athena will be the toughest opponent for BTR RA at PMWL 2022 because they both have 3 players in this Top 10.

Here are the Top 10 player spinners for PMWL 2022 East Season 0 Week 1! Who do you think are the most dangerous players and opponents that the BTR RA and Morph Team should watch out for?

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